Medical and health information disclaimer

Articles related to health, medicine, beauty, psychology and fitness are compiled to educate and enhance users’ information and are for educational purposes only.

The information provided in the content of this website has been compiled by the editorial team and based on the needs and research of web users, and the purpose of creating and collecting that content is simply to educate the public and increase their awareness.

We at Saha Saha always strive to publish accurate content due to the sensitivity of this type of material. However, we do not recommend the use of sensitive information in articles and in all cases mainly by users, and we always invite everyone to consult doctors and specialists for consultation.

The site or the work team does not bear any responsibility for the recommendations contained in the site and it is recommended that users first consult a doctor to diagnose, mitigate and treat medical and health problems, and if approved by the doctor, use the items listed in the articles, otherwise, the responsibility rests with It is the responsibility of the user.

Ultimately, the site disclaims any responsibility and that any use of the materials contained on this site or any actions taken in reliance on the content on this site may cause damage or disruption.

Content quality

Despite disclaimers for the use of medical material on the site, the editorial team always reviews the accuracy of any content prior to publication and, if necessary, updates its articles at different times.

However, users need to make the decision before using the tutorials mentioned in these articles with a little bit of thought.

Disclaimer of external reports and links

External links and advertising reports are for information purposes only and are sources that are mentioned in order to certify the information mentioned within the site.

Some are advertisement and some are just links to another page (for more information, sources for studies, etc). This does not imply endorsement of their use, and the use of these links is at the user’s own risk.