Finding medical information and prescriptions is easy. Today, information is easily available to all users in different places, but finding documented information that is reviewed by a specialized team before it is presented to the user is not easy.

In Sihasah, we work hard to provide information that the user can address, thanks to the work team that works in a cycle to provide information documented in research and scientific studies. information and ensure that it is based on scientific studies and research, not just personal experiences.

And since medical and health information has become an over-commodity today, we are keen to understand the line between products and services that provide real and tangible value to users.

How to choose our products

Our editorial team works hours to analyze data by understanding what users are searching for on search engines, whether it is searching for recipes, remedies, oils, creams, baby supplies, medical supplies, and all other products that can be used To obtain a health or other benefit, then our work team conducts searches to provide the best-guaranteed brands that benefit the user after obtaining them, whether it is the health benefit or the interest in saving money, and the work team is also keen To explain the pros and cons of the products we include within the articles.

How we earn commission by users purchasing products

After publishing our content, we put links inside some articles to facilitate user access to those products mentioned in the article. When you click on one of the links and go to buy some products, you may earn a small commission from the proceeds of that purchase. This commission helps develop our content. , and also helps to create more useful topics for users, and the staff or contributors to the content creation do not receive a commission from these purchases.

Simply put, we do the legal work – with the support of a dedicated team of experts – so you can feel confident in the choices you make for your health and the health of those around you.